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Tipton Supplement Equipment
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Centrifugal Dryer
Maximum Processing Capacity
0.3 Cu.Ft.
0.6 Cu.Ft.
Internal Mesh Bucket Size
9" Opening x 6.5" Deep
13.5"Opening x 9.2" Deep
23" x 30"
30" x 41"
Overall Height
Heated Air Vaccum Dryer
Maximum Processing Capacity
0.4 Cu.Ft.
Internal Mesh Bucket Size        
11.8" Opening x 9.8" Deep
39" x 39"
Overall Height
VS-100 and VS-180
Extremely versatile separation range is controlled by adjusting feed speed and vertical amplitude. Installation of a water rinsing shower above the separating screen can enhance the efficiency of the separation process.

The KSS-1 has been created for rapid separation in unique situations where basic vibratory or magnetic separation proves difficult. This separator is sloped giving gravitational movement to the sphere media. As the media rolls down the slope the non-spherical work pieces are carried up the slope by a refined vibratory motion therefore work pieces and media are discharged in opposite directions. This machine requires drying of media and work pieces prior to separation process.

NS-400 UNDER 5

A Mixture of magnetized substances (Parts) and non-magnetized substances (Media) are separated and removed in a magnetic drum and a vibration conveyor. The separated parts are demagnetized to under 5 Gauss while being transferred to the conveyer.

Compound Metering Systems

Maintains a Consistent Compound Solution Ratio Regardless of Water Pressure Variations. Great for Flow Through Processes or Initial Charging of Machine. Many Options Available.
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