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Throughout 70 years of our operations, we have consistently employed a pioneer spirit to find solutions to new finishing applications and open new markets for our industry.  Shortly after the foundation, our company was recognized by the Japanese Government as a research and development center for the grinding wheel industry, the first company in the industry to receive this designation.  Then, shortly after World War II, Tipton developed the barrel finishing industry.

The result of this research and development effort was the world's first centrifugal barrel finishing machine and numerous advances in vibratory, centrifugal disc, recipro, gyro and brushing machine equipment.  Concurrently, we established many developments in manufacturing of abrasive media and compounds.  The results of our endless efforts have produced international recognition as a comprehensive manufacture in the finishing industry.

Today, Tipton continues to develop an entire range of manned and automated systems including separators, waste water treatment equipment, rinsing machines, dryers and all other related equipment. By means of contiguous and applied technologies, Tipton has also stepped into the catalyst carrier and candy coating business.  The know-how developed and accumulated throughout our history has been greatly praised by the industrial world.

The development process generally involves trial and error. However, we at Tipton have always considered the inevitable failures in this process as a valuable asset in the next trial and have taken the attitude that we must persevere until a successful conclusion is found.  That has been our philosophy for the past half century.

History of Tipton:
The First 70 Years
July 1939
Dainippon Seito K.K. was founded.
July 1941
Tokyo Sales Office was opened at 1-Chome, Kyobashi, Nihonbashi-Ku, Tokyo.
August 1943
KIYOSU Factory located at Kiyosu-Cho, Nishi-Kasugai-Gun started operation.
January 1955
Export of abrasive media for barrel finishing to Los Angeles, U.S.A. started
June 1956
The prototype of the first gyro finishing machine was completed.
July 1956
Certified as a JIS factory (No. 4879) of manufacturing the entire range of vitrified products.
April 1958
Modified a sintering furnace into a heavy oil burning furnace.
August 1959
K.K. Shikishima Tipton Kenmaseki was established specialized to barrel finishing  .
February 1961
The first centrifugal barrel finishing machine was completed.
March 1961
The first vibratory barrel finishing machine was completed.
June 1963
The prototype of the first recipro finishing machine was completed.
September 1963
K.K. Shikishima Machine as a factory specialized to finishing machines was established.
October 1966
K.K. Shikishima MUL-BII as a company selling catalyst carriers was established.
April 1967
Company name of K.K. Shikishima Tipton Kenmaishi was changed to K.K. Shikishima Tipton.
March 1970
Joined establishment of K.K. Tipton Toyama.
June 1972
K.K. Tack as a company specialized to automatic finishing system was established.
July 1973
K.K. Tipton Espo as a  sales company for barrel finishing machines was established.
August 1973
K.K. Tipton Mie  specialized to grinding wheels was established and
       MUL-BII products was established by merging Mie Seito K.K.
May 1976
Opened agencies in New Zealand and South Korea and set up a machine exhibit hall.
October 1977
An unmanned gyro finishing machine was completed.
September 1981
Tipton Yamato Co., Ltd. as a company dedicated  to South Korea was established.
July 1984
Corporate name changed from K.K. Shikishima Tipton to Tipton Corp.
June 1985
The Mechatro Barrel Pavilion, a factory of unmanned barrel finishing, was opened.
December 1985
Tokyo Office of K.K. Tipton Espo relocated from Ueno to Higashi Kasai, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo.
October 1986
A business cooperation contract with Henkel in Germany was concluded.
December 1987
Yugenkaisha Twinne  as a non-life insurance agent was established.
December 1988
Corporate name of K.K. Tipton Tech was changed to K.K. Tipton Mie.
May 1989
Office of K.K. Tipton Espo relocated from Nishi-Ku, Osaka to Motomachi, Namba-Ku, Osaka.
May 1992
Sales of Edge Finisher, a high-precision brushing machine, started.
July 1993
Sales of a coating system to confectionary companies (candy manufacturers) started.
September 1993
On the occasion of 55th anniversary, 8 Tipton Group companies were merged to Tipton Corp.
June 1994
Tipton US Corp was established in U.S.A.
August 1995
‘Under 5: NS-400’, a vibratory magnetic separator was developed and its sales started.
March 1998
Won the small and medium company new machine development award from the
       Japan Society of Promotion of Machine Industry for its ‘multiple
       and multi-layered vibratory barrel finishing machines.
October 1998
Developed and started full-scale sales of ‘Coaterow’a coating machine to foods industries.
February 2000
Won the Onizuka Hatsumei Koro prize from the Japan Society for the
            Advancement of Inventions for its ‘vibratory barrel finishing machine.’
April 2001
Won the prize for dedication to the advancement of science and technology from the Ministry
           of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
May 2002
Integrated Nagoya Factory and Yokkaichi Factory to form Tobishima Factory newly constructed.
March 2004
Won the certification of Aichi Quality Company
Won the prize of “MADE IN NAGOYA” Project
November 2004
Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
February 2006
Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Mt. Everest could not hold Tipton back.  On May 22, 2007 at 7:12 AM  Yuzo Kobayashi and Team achieved the improbable reaching the summit (8,848 meters) by a north ridge route with all of Tipton behind them in spirit.

Click on Picture for a Larger Image
   Team: Russell Party
    Climber: Yuzo Kobayashi
                 Guide: Dawa Tenzing Sherpa
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